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How to play Hans Zimmer’s Chevaliers de Sangreal for guitar

Chevaliers de Sangreal¬†(from The Da Vinci Code) is perhaps my favorite Hans Zimmer piece next to Time. However, his music is so good, it’s almost impossible to pick.

Like Gustavo Santaolalla, Hans Zimmer stands alone as a composer whose songs transcend even the movies they adorn. A piece like Chevaliers de Sangreal is what truly gets me motivated for Intellimusica. 

I have an entire Hans Zimmer category of his material that I’ve arranged for guitar, and here are a few of my favorite performances and tabs right now:

First Step – Interstellar

Why Do We Fall – The Dark Knight Rises

Man of Steel (quite possibly my greatest achievement on guitar period.)

Chevalier de Sangreal is easy to play, although the finger-picking is a relentless Santaolalla-style gallop. The song also becomes a finger twister towards the end of the passage. The chord shape, while not difficult, gets interesting.

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The guitar tab for Chevaliers de Sangreal is essentially one long passage, played twice. I’ve also given you the name of the chord shape above each section to make your finger placement a little easier.

Enjoy, the tab is available below:

Chevalier de Sangreal is played in standard tuning with a capo on the 5th fret.

*Chevalier de Sangreal*


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