Mockingjay Part 1
Natalie Dormer a.k.a. Cressida

(Note: this post is an entry to the method section of the blog where I muse on business and philosophy. I am not an expert on personal development, and I’m still a work in progress. However, I just like to write and think out-loud. Take my advice — or not — with a grain of salt. Skip to the bottom for the guitar tab.)

Confidence is options

I was recently listening to the The Nerdist podcast with Chris Hardwick — a comedian who is non-maliciously funny and surprisingly philosophical. I forget who the guest was, but Chris mentioned in passing that confidence is really just options.

How true, and well said. Your confidence, in any given scenario, is directly correlated to the amount of options you have.

If you’re a young person, or even 37 like me, you can exponentially increase your number of options in work and relationships by becoming really good at something very specific.

Let’s begin with work. Survey your place of employment, and specialize in a function that no one else desires to do — but is no big deal for you to execute. This is the single fastest way to simultaneously curry favor with your boss and co-workers. And in doing so — you will have increased the number options in terms of your position, pay, and social status.

I’m a self employed guitar teacher, but I go out of my way to assist my students with a whole host of extracurricular things — that are really no big deal for me to do anyway. The end result, is that I’ve deliberately set up a scenario where I am the single best option for a guitar teacher, period.

Between my blog and current student roster, I always have enough people to teach, and the option to charge whatever fee I prefer.

With regard to relationships, your new found confidence with work, will help you over-deliver with a potential, significant other. As author Matt Ridley explained in his book,  The Red Queen — women have a complex, biological and chemical selection process. They have the ability to quantify your total value very quickly.

Knowing this, it helps to be aware and cognizant of your total value. Especially if you’re a single guy!

How to play The Hanging Tree for classical guitar

I like The Hunger Games, but I’m a way bigger fan of Natalie Dormer (pictured above) who is also Princess Margaery Tyrell on Game of Thrones. She possesses a very peculiar and astounding beauty, that’s impossible to look away from.

Okay back to the song! The Hanging Tree is sung by Jennifer Lawrence and the music is arranged by Mockingjay composer, James Newton Howard. The entire song is played in an A blues scale, so I was able to put this together very quickly. Once I had the melody down, I then added in the backing chords that come later in the song.

The tab is easy to read and comprised of only two pages. As far as the symbology goes, a forward  /  indicates a slide. You’ll pluck the note you slide from, but not the note you slide to — if that makes sense.

When the chords are introduced on page two of the guitar tab, you’ll either strum them with your thumb, or pluck through them with your fingers. I do a mix of both.

All in all, The Hanging tree is a perfect song for beginner and intermediate guitar players.

Enjoy, the tab is available below:

*The Hanging Tree for classical guitar*

Please comment to let me know what you think, or if you have any questions. Be sure to check out my other arrangements from The Hunger Games, including Yellow Flicker Beat and the classic, Healing Katniss.

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