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Things We Lost in the Fire

This is the second musical theme from, Things We Lost in the Fire: a (2007) drama starring Halle Berry and Benicio Del Toro.

The story follows (Berry) a recent widow and her husband’s drug addicted best friend (Del Toro). Del Toro’s character is invited to live with her and her two children. As he gradually overcomes his addiction, he helps his deceased friend’s family cope and confront their loss. The acting is spectacular by both Berry and Del Toro.

Like the movie, Gustavo Santaolalla’s score for Things We Lost in the Fire is not well known — but it’s truly some of his best work.

[Listen and learn Gustavo Santaolalla’s main introduction theme from Things We Lost in the Fire.]

Play less notes

As I’ve mentioned a few times on this blog — if playing more notes were the way to affect a person’s consciousness, thousands of YouTuber guitarists would be musical icons like Gustavo Santaolalla.

As you get better at your instrument, the inclination is to demonstrate your ability (especially if you’re a dude). 

The verdict is in, do less. The world is moving faster, and people are moving faster while creating less meaningful work. Playing less takes takes confidence, and restraint — and that’s the way to really stand out.

Gear used

For Things We Lost in the Fire I used my Cordoba Dolce. This is a smaller 7/8th size guitar with a spectacular sound. The Dolce size is based on the original guitars built by the great, Antonio de Torres Jurado (June 13 1817 – November 19 1892). Torres is considered the designer of the modern guitar, as we know it today.

You can find a list of all of my gear here.

How to play Things We Lost in the Fire (guitar theme #2) 

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The guitar tab for Things We Lost in the Fire is beautifully written across the pages — and played straight through. There’s a section within the second page that is repeated 2x. That is clearly marked within the |: repeat brackets :|.

This song is best suited for intermediate guitar players and up. The chord positions are all relatively easy — but it feels like a more advanced piece to me.

Enjoy! The guitar tab is available below:

Things We Lost in the fire is played in standard tuning:

Gustavo Santaolalla: Things We Lost in the Fire (guitar theme #2)

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