Gone GirlThis picture of Trent Reznor says it all about the flow state, obsession with tools, and the hermetic state of creation.

No matter what type of artist you are (or would like to be), some type of isolation is paramount to your concentration and productively. There is no better way to reclaim your isolation than with a simple pair of headphones.

Headphones immediately enhance my focus by shutting off (just a little) of the outside world. As your sensory input becomes lower, your focus is enhanced. I only have empirical evidence for this, but the people you’ll observe wearing headphones are typically deep in concentration  — either on what they’re listening to, or what they appear to be working on.

As I type this, I’m wearing a set of headphones and I’m not listening to anything. However,  just shutting off the hum of the air conditioner is enough to help my writing.

Whether you’re studying in a public park, or trying to remain focused and productive at work — a set of headphones is a great way to remain undisturbed by people too. 

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How to play Just Like You for guitar (Trent Reznor & Atticus Ross)

I always try to do my best with every post on this blog. Sometimes I miss the mark, but with Just Like You, I’m confident this is the quintessential guitar version of this song.

Just Like You, and the entire Gone Girl score, reminds me of Radiohead’s: Kid-A and Everything in it’s Right Place. Trent Reznor broke ground in 1989 for Radiohead’s eventual, futuristic tech sound. Then, in a twist of fate, Radiohead carved out territory for Trent Reznor’s sonic film music.

For this solo guitar version of Just Like You, I replaced the loose piano at the end with my own guitar part. This song may look easy to play, but I found the 6 string barring to be slightly difficult. Any guitar will work, but this will be easier to play on a nylon string or electric guitars.

With Just Like You, you’ll follow a similar finger-style template to Technically, Missing. I chose to strum the chord parts with my thumb for a better tone and smoother feel. The guitar tab is very easy to read, and is comprised of only two pages.

Enjoy, the tab is available below:

Just Like You is played in a C major 7th tuning. This is quite a low tuning. Here is how it looks from low to high: C G C E G B.

Just Like You for classical guitar

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