GOLD (2017): Guitar theme (Daniel Pemberton) + TAB

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daniel pemberton

Daniel Pemberton is a british composer, who’s right at home with groove oriented bass & drums, acoustic guitar, and orchestral arrangements. His varied toolkit makes him an asset to any production company — especially if they require a dose of “hip” for their film.

Pemberton’s entire palette is on display in the Gold original score.

I’ve arranged a couple of Daniel Pemberton’s works in the past. The first was Seeing Through Ghosts from the movie Awakening. The second was The Counselor: directed by Ridley Scott, and one of my favorite movies. Both are free guitar tabs, enjoy!

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How to play the guitar theme from Gold

The theme in the video above is otherwise known as: Blue Skies, Vintage Visa, Hey It’s Me, and The Golden Pickaxe — from the Gold original scoreAll of which use the same guitar theme.

The theme is relatively easy to play, and perfect for beginner guitar players who want to practice with easy chord shapes. I like this piece to because you’ll have to be agile when moving from the A-minor to the higher neck position at 0:36 of the video.

The guitar tab is beautiful and spaciously written across two pages. You’ll play the guitar tab straight through, minding the repeats. Enjoy, the guitar tab is available below.

This theme is played in

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