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Light of the Seven, by Ramin Djawadi, is the music at the very beginning of the season 6 finale, The Winds of Winter.

Upon watching the episode, the Light of the Seven music immediately stood out to me (as it did with you). Given the history of Ramin Djawadi’s music for game of Thrones, Light of the Seven is quite a melodic departure.

The music truly signaled that something big was about to happen…

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How to play Light of the Seven for classical guitar

Light of the Seven is relatively easy to play, and perfect for intermediate guitar players. It’s basically a series of little arpeggiated chord shapes, and the song short duration only adds to the ease.

If interested, my guitar is a Cordoba GK Studio, and I Savarez Red Card strings. The strings have rectified nylon on the trebles that gives me a easier sensation on my fingertips. They sound amazing too. You can find all of my gear here.

Light of the Seven is played in standard tuning. The guitar tab is available below:

*Light of the Seven for classical guitar*

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