Game of Thrones: How to play For the Realm (official guitar theme by Ramin Djawadi)

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Game of Thrones Season 4

The soundtrack/score for Game of Thrones: Season 3 was released with a guitar version of the main theme called, For the Realm.

I decided against doing my own arrangement of the Game of Thrones theme because the internet is saturated with them (and really good ones too).  The Game of Thrones theme has been done in every conceivable capo position and tuning, and I couldn’t have added anything meaningful to the mix.

However, Ramin Djawadi’s For the Realm was an opportunity to transcribe, what could be characterized as, “the official guitar version.” If you are a fan of Game of Thrones like me, this one of the most fun songs you’ll ever learn to play. I love the tempo and pacing of it!

How to play For the Realm by Ramin Djawadi

For the Realm is definitely not for beginners, but it is a suitable song for intermediate level players who are adept at playing bar chords.

It’s important not to slave away at practicing.  Take your time, expose yourself to difficult things, then take a break. I’ve written an extensive practicing post here, but the long/short of it is: skill is had through playing frequency, not duration. You’re better off playing a difficult piece, or section — just a couple of times — then break for a few hours, or even till the next day!

I’ve slightly adjusted For The Realm to suit my playing style — specifically for my right hand technique.  I believe this will also be easier for the general public too. With the adjustments, this transcription is about 99% accurate.

The tab is partitioned into 3 sheets and I’ve written it straight through, note for note, without repeat signs. For the Realm is played in standard tuning. Good luck, the tab is available below:

For the Realm — Game of Thrones

Please comment to let me know what you think, or of you have any questions.



15 Responses to “Game of Thrones: How to play For the Realm (official guitar theme by Ramin Djawadi)”

  1. Jaime Zubiaur

    07. Jun, 2013

    Thank you very much for the tab!

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  2. Sarah

    09. Jun, 2013

    just found your blog and I love it. thank you very much for this arrangement :)

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  3. Tyler Bell

    12. Jun, 2013

    Of all your posts, I think you’ve successfully appealed to the largest audience with this one! Aside from maybe the Skyfall or Drive film score arrangements.

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    • Evan Handyside

      13. Jun, 2013

      Thanks Tyler, For the Realm is doing well! It’s not my best performance (rushed) but I’m glad people dig it, and hopefully it will bring new people to the blog. Thanks for commenting Tyler, stay in touch!


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      • Tyler Bell

        19. Jun, 2013

        I’m having trouble transitioning to that high G chord. The fingering you do in the video (and any other ones that I try) is very awkward to me. Is that just something that’s going to take a lot of practice?

        Thanks in advance! Again, your compositions are awesome! I learned the Drive score and Nightcall when they were first posted and still play them to this day! I need to read more into your actual blog posts…

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        • Evan Handyside

          20. Jun, 2013

          Yes Tyler, it’s hard as hell. This is not my best performance. People seem to like it, but I should have waited one more day — and practiced!

          All I can say is, play the difficult G section first, practice it a few times, and then build volume with the easier sections. If you’re consistent and do it every day — if only a few times — you’ll be shocked it how fast you progress.

          I totally remember you dude!

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  4. Daniel

    12. Jun, 2013

    Great!! It sounds awesome when you play it, it sounds horrible when I try to. I’m having quite some trouble with this one: the fast changes of the bar chords and the quick strumming and going back to fingerpicking. I think this is really the first one in a long time that I put aside shortly after trying it out because I simply don’t get it right. I’ll have to give it some time or maybe warm up first with other things and then go back to it. I still find “Venezuelan Nights” a great song to get warmed up simply because it’s harder than almost any other song for me! :D

    I’m glad you did something from the G.o.T. soundtrack now, they’re all far to good to go unnoticed. Are you going to take a look at the rest of the “Last of us” soundtrack by Santaolalla that was released?
    Thanks again for the tabs,

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    • Evan Handyside

      13. Jun, 2013

      You know me too well Daniel. I’m getting on top the rest of The Last of Us right now. I love it, if only because it has guitar stuff. I view these scores like mini-Santaolalla solo albums.

      The For the Realm piece was definitely NOT my best performance. The soundtrack came out the Tuesday before the finale, and I had to squeeze it in there to maximize the interest. I could of used another day to practice and smooth out the performance.

      My best suggestion is to plug away at one section every day — no matter what. Consistency and frequency is what will help. Play it a few times, quit for the day, and move on.

      I doesn’t matter if its sounds bad, or slow, or whatever. So long as you’re consistent, within a few days For the Realm will start to take shape, and sound good. Aim for seven days in a row!

      Thanks for commenting as always!

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  5. Marie

    27. Aug, 2013

    Thank you so much for the tab! :)

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  6. Baalhu

    15. Sep, 2013

    Its great :) ty :)

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  7. harleydecker

    12. Feb, 2014

    NICE i am just starting to get back to guitar after 20 yrs and this is all the inspiration I need.. thanks for taking the time!! ps show starts up pretty soon with new season

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  8. Tobi

    01. Jun, 2015

    Thanks a lot for the tab, really accurate and saved me a lot of time trying to figure it out!

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