Game of Thrones: How to play Blood of the Dragon for classical guitar

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Game of Thrones Season 5

“When you say ‘yes’ to others, make sure you’re not saying ‘no’ to yourself.”

― Paulo Coelho

I’m fascinated with how long term success is nurtured. Usually, actors who pick continually compelling roles, and musicians who push the envelope of their genre — are the ones who have success in perpetuity. But there’s also something else: the discipline to say no.

I’ve written before about Brad Pitt’s remarkable career, where he literally focused on content over money from the get go — never over exposing himself —  and each role was carefully chosen and different from the last.

I was also recently listening to the Nerdist podcast with Chris Pratt (Guardians/Jurassic World) as their guest. He was talking about his agent and publicist who help him pick movie roles. Their income is based as a % of (Pratt’s) salary — yet, they have turned down gigantic offers, in favor if very selectively picking a minimal amount of roles, to nurture their client’s career. 

[If interested I did the Jurassic World theme for classical guitar. It’s arranged by composer, Michael Giacchino, but it’s basically a variation of John Williams original theme. Please check it out.  It’s a free tab.]

So, if you’re a musician, artist, or creator — you would be well advised to say NO to projects that don’t fit your long term trajectory. A great question to ask yourself (when you’re building something, taking a job, etc.) is; do I want this to be a part of my legacy?

Sometimes a simple NO might be the best thing for your career, and your happiness.

(Note: Blood of the Dragon is my premium content.)

How to play Blood of the Dragon for classical guitar

Speaking if long term success (if HBO bosses get their way) Game of Thrones would run for 10 years. I’d totally be ok with that.

I’m tempted to relay my theory (and the others that I’ve heard) as it pertains to the climatic end of season 5 and the potential beginning of season 6. However, there’s no statute of limitations on GOT spoilers, and someone, somewhere, will be offended.

Blood of the Dragon is the principal musical theme of season 5, by master composer, Ramin Djawadi. It’s easily the most standout track from the soundtrack of Season 5.

[Please be sure to check out my other Game of Thrones arrangements too. For the Realm is a free tab and it’s the official guitar theme from season 3.]

Blood of the Dragon is mildly challenging to play, and would be a perfect song for intermediate level guitar players. The guitar tab is beautifully written across two pages and played straight through. The only repeat is in the beginning where you’ll see a IIx symbol above the indicated section.

I hope you enjoy playing this, the tab is available below. Blood of the Dragon is

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