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This was the first instrumental guitar song I wrote way back in 2005. I was a professional teacher and working rock musician at that time (around 28 years old) and I was inspired by Gustavo Santaolalla’s instrumental work on his Ronroco album and The Brokeback Mountain score.

My band was slowly fizzling out and I knew I wanted to try something different. Namely, something different that didn’t involve a band.

I loved playing in a band, and my band mates are still my greatest friends to this day — but there’s an enormous obligation if you want to do it right. Twice a week rehearsals and gigging 1 to 2 times per week.

(If interested, my band was New Invisible Joy. Our music is on Apple Music (and everywhere else) or you can check out our Facebook page for pictures of me with slightly more hair :)

At the time, I wrote this song and a few others that I’m still tinkering with to this day. I conceived the idea of Intellimusica back then as well — but it took me till 2011 to begin putting my material on YouTube and this blog.

Part of the procrastination was that I had zero computer skills — and the other part was: I was mortified to put myself out there. The process of of coming on-line was difficult for me. A rock band gives you significant room to hide if you don’t like being the center-of-attention.

How to play First Love and the Falling Snow, a song for guitar by Evan Handyside

The guitar tab for First Love and the Falling Snow is 4 pages long. My order of play looks like this: Verse 2x, Pre Chorus, Chorus — Verse 2x, Pre Chorus, Chorus 2x — Bridge, Chorus 2x, Verse 2x, End.

This song is not for beginners, and best suited to intermediate players and up. My guitar tab is very straight forward but there’s a couple technique things to be aware of:

Whatever fingerstyle technique that works for you is just fine. However, in the pre chorus and chorus, there are points where I tend to use an upward swiping motion with my finger — rather than use multiple fingers to pluck the notes. Watch 0:40 – 0:45 of the video to know what I’m talking about.

Additionally, you notice that I strum downward with my thumb, most often in the bridge which begins at 2:16.

The guitar tab is available below. Good luck! First Love and the Falling Snow is played in standard tuning:

*First Love and the Falling Snow*

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Matthew's dad, Jennifer's husband, bass player - New Invisible Joy, YouTuber, short-film composer, creator of modern content for guitar.