Theme from Fargo

Fargo's composer, Jeff Russo, is also a guitarist and founding member of the late 90's rock band, Tonic. In case you're too young to remember, Tonic was a Grammy nominated, multi-platinum selling band -- who had a string of hit singles from 1996 onward.

Jeff found his way into composing for film after being asked to act in a movie. Knowing he was a guitar player, the director also had him play on the score with the film's composer. Through that experience Jeff became enamored with the whole process of composing and recording for film.  

Fargo's producer Noah Hawley set out to create an entirely new Fargo while taking cues from the original Coen brothers film. Their goal is not to tell the same story -- but draw from the vibe of the original.

Though Noah Hawley's only instructions were to make it cold and lonesome -- Jeff Russo's charter for the music was the same as the TV show. Rather then distance himself, he drew from the tone of Carter Burwell's iconic original score, while creating something entirely new.

To my surprise, Jeff was kind enough to (comment on) and share my cover on his Twitter and Facebook page. It's an incredible feeling to have the actual composer of theme (who also primarily a guitarist) like what you did with their work.

How to play Jeff Russo's the theme from Fargo: Bemidji, MN

When I listened to the Bemidji, MN  the melody struck me as: minimalist, sorrowful, kinda Russia-sounding, and perfect for this blog.

Jeff Russo's Bemidji MN, is a beautiful melody that turned out to be a totally legitimate -- yet easy to play guitar piece. Fargo's theme is one of the simplest arrangements and tabs that I've ever had the pleasure to play. The tab is very clear, easy to read, and comprised of only a single page.

Enjoy, the tab is available below:

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