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The great thing about being a guitarist, YouTuber, and blogger — is that I can create things just for me, and somewhere, someone wants to learn it.

I’m particularly interested in creating (complete) blues guitar leads for myself and others to learn. What I mean is: I integrate the rhythm elements into the solo itself.

I’ve been doing this intuitively for a while. If you’re playing guitar without accompaniment, it makes sense also be your own backing track. As well as sounding complete, it indicates another level of mastery.

The benefit to you, is gaining a deeper understanding of how a blue lead fits with the basic 1, 4, 5 blues progression. Without getting into the weeds, the 145 progression is a set of three chords that’s in every single blues song. You simply cannot have the blues without these three chords.

In addition to this, I’m trying to get better at using a multitude of different solo positions — rather than just using the main pentatonic blues scale.

I’ve been watching Jeff Beck Live at Ronnie Scott’s, and it’s simply incredible. His guitar style is almost impossible to mimic. He is a true master of exact tonal bending with the whammy bar. Jeff Beck is always finding licks that are blues based, but also melodic, and way outside the norm of what other mainstream blues rock guitarists play.

Eric Clapton is forever represented in my style. He was the first guitarist I gravitated toward when I was a kid. I’ve learned most of his guitar solos from John Mayall and the Blues Breakers, Cream, and onward.

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How to play Eric Clapton & Jeff Beck: Blues lead guitar in the key of A

With this riff I did a combination of Clapton and Beck licks, though it’s mostly Clapton really. This is for experienced guitar players — but the guitar tab is only two pages long.

The guitar tab is written beautifully. I’ve been a full-time guitar teacher for 23 years. In that time I’ve learned how to lay out a guitar tab in the clearest way possible. Click here for more of my blues guitar arrangements.

With Blues Lead in A, I’ve number the licks I’m playing, #1 through #9, and put each lick in it’s on stanza. This way you’ll be able to easily break down what I’m playing into little bits.

Everything is Clapton but figure #6 and #9. Figure #6 (at 0:30) of the video is “the turnaround” and I’m using my guitar pick and middle fingers to pinch the strings simultaneously.

Enjoy this! The guitar tab is available below:

Eric Clapton & Jeff Beck: Blues lead guitar in the key of A is played in standard tuning:

Eric Clapton & Jeff Beck: Blues lead guitar in the key of A

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