Like many of you, I find myself still listening to the big three from the movie Drive. I particularly enjoy listening to Nightcall — oddly enough, while I’m driving — at night. Having listened to Nightcall dozens of times, I couldn’t help but wonder what it would sound like as a solo guitar performance.

(Note: Nightcall is my premium material.)

How to play Kavinsky’s Nightcall for classical guitar

Nightcall begins with an A minor chord progression. From there, the verse uses the same progression, but I tried to indicate the vocal line as I played through the chords.

One of the cool moves you’ll be doing in this song, is fretting the 3rd chord of the verse with your thumb. This is a great technique (used by Jimi Hendrix, John Mayer, Stevie Ray Vaughn, etc.) to neutralize difficult chords — provided you don’t have short thumbs.

Nightcall is a great song for intermediate players looking to improve their overall skill. This version turned out to be fairly easy to play.

The tab is available below:

The guitar is tuned to Drop D (which means your Low E string is tuned to D). The tuning is as follows from low to high: D A D G B E. I hope you enjoy it! 

Nightcall (Tab)


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