UMG_cvrart_00602537278541_01_RGB72_1600x1600_12UMGIM64322.170x170-75I was really hoping to do something along the lines of Tom Farrell’s Hermano, from the Casa de me Padre soundtrack. That is STILL one of my favorite finger-picked songs to play.

But alas, I’ve gotta go where the music takes me, and Luis Bacalov’s La Corsa (2nd Version), turned out to be a pretty sweet guitar riff anyway, albeit with a guitar pick!

La Corsa also completes a sort of ‘hat-trick’ of spaghetti-Western tunes from the Django Unchained soundtrack.  You can check out my work on the Original Django theme (Luis Bacalov) here, and Sister Sara’s Theme (Ennio Morricone) is a free tab!

(Note: I record with a Zoom Q3HD set to PCM, CD quality sound. These videos are best listened to with external speakers or headphones to capture the volume and depth of tone.)

How to play La Corsa (2nd Version) for guitar:

The actual La Corsa begins with menacing violins — I used that section to ad-lib a guitar lick, which sounds cool, and should be nice capacity building exercise for beginner guitarists.

Enjoy the tab is available below!

La Corsa is played in standard tuning, and aside from a couple wacky sections, the chords are pretty straight forward. I use my thumb to strum a couple sections for better contrast. 

La Corsa (Tab)

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