I can’t seem to figure out if Ennio Morricone composed new songs for Django Unchained, or if Quentin Tarantino is borrowing them from Morricone’s previous work, Two Mules for Sister Sara (1970).

Be as it may, Django Unchained’s Sister Sara is a nifty, spaghetti-western guitar riff that should satisfy novice and expert guitars players. In a weird way, I think it sounds like Radiohead’s Paranoid Android…

If you dig this, and you’re up for a challenge, check out my premium tab of original DJANGO theme by Luis Bacalov and Rock Roberts (also used in Django Unchained).  If you’re comfortable with bar chords, you’ll be well suited to playing it.

Sister Sara is played in standard tuning an is based entirely around a D minor position.  This riff is easy to play but sounds very professional and classical.

Enjoy, the tab is available below:

Sister Sara (Tab)

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