Hooray for Ryan Reynolds! Nice to see him back in the plus column with Deadpool. He’s an incredibly likeable and funny actor. Easy guy to root for. [Incidentally, if you haven’t see his 2005 comedy Just Friends, it’s an absolute classic.]

I have an 11 month old at home, so it’s going to be a while before my wife and I see Deadpool. However, a bunch of my guitar students have see it — and they’ve told me it’s awesome.

Tom Holkenborg (aka. Junkie XL) has composed the soundtrack for Deadpool. I’m a huge fan of his, and his material has been some of the best stuff on this blog.

Holkenborg, 48, is a Dutch multi-instrumentalist composer, DJ, producer, and engineer. He’s better known as Junkie XL. I first encountered his work as co-composer alongside of Hans Zimmer for Man of Steel. The Man of Steel theme is (I feel) one of my greatest achievements on a single guitar.]

Tom Holkenborg’s score for Black Mass is phenomenal. The whole thing is a dark musical vortex. A vortex the eventually swallows it’s subject by the end of the movie. Black Mass is great — but I recommend watching this documentary before seeing it, as it gives you a clearer background of James “Whitey’ Bulger. You can find my arrangement of the Black Mass theme here.

What’s so impressive to me, is that Holkenborg began as a DJ — yet possesses a mastery of classical chord progressions. I love following his music with my guitar to see where it all ends up. His theme for Mad Max: Fury Road is also one of my most favorite arrangements for classical guitar.

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How to play, A Face I Would Sit On, for classical guitar

Well, it wouldn’t be Deadpool without a title like, A Face I Would Sit On. Having listened through the score for some material that would translate to my guitar, this was definitely the track that stood out with the most interesting progressions.

Given the vulgarity of the title, you can see why I entitled the post, “closing theme”. I couldn’t imagine posting this on Facebook where the parents of my students would see, A Face I Would Sit On.

The guitar tab is two pages long and played straight through without repeats. This song is best suited for intermediate guitar players and up. If you are a beginner, look through my Easiest of Easy to Play archive, or my Easy to Play archive. You should be able to find some compelling music — and quite a few free tabs in there as well.

Enjoy, the guitar is available below:

A Face I Would Sit On, is tuned down one whole step. Your tuning is as follows from low to high: D G C F A D.

A Face I Would Sit On for classical guitar

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