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images (3)Upon hearing the first few bars of Where Are We Now?, I was admittedly luke-warm about David Bowie’s first single in 10 years.  That is, until I was sucked in by the immensely watchable, and totally weird video I think I watched the video so many times that I just started loving the song too!

Before I get to work on a song, I listen to it relentlessly in my car as I drive around to my lessons.  Having now listened to Where Are We Now? about 50 times, I was able to pick up on the production nuances.  I love the deep and understated bass line by Tony Levin, of Peter Gabriel and King Crimson fame. Listen to how he brilliantly rolls on a single low C note for the entire pre-chorus of the song (about 1:10 of the video). This is often where bass players over-play to fill in space.

How to Play David Bowie’s Where Are We Now? for classical guitar:

Where Are We Now? is played in

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