The Dark Knight Rises: How to Play — On Thin Ice (for guitar) by Hans Zimmer

Posted on 18. Jul, 2012 by in Best of Intellimusica, Film Score, Hans Zimmer, Premium Tabs

Living in Pittsburgh, we really did get a ‘behind the scenes’ look a The Dark Knight Rises. Nearly every night last summer, our local news coverage showed images of our downtown area transformed into winter, new “bat vehicles” crashing, and pictures of Anne Hathaway in her Catwoman suit.

The entire Dark Knight production was as hospitable to Pittsburgh, as Pittsburgh was to it. They frequently invited folks down to watch the filming, and even a few of my students will be in the movie (cast as orphans).

I felt On Thin Ice, from Hans Zimmer’s score, would be the most applicable for a guitar interpretation. I haven’t seen the movie yet, but it seems to act as a prelude, using several of the motifs from the rest of the score.

With it’s slow moving chord progressions, On Thin Ice provided a wide-open canvas upon which create a guitar piece.  To get the depth, despair, and darkness, I’ve tuned the guitar

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19 Responses to “The Dark Knight Rises: How to Play — On Thin Ice (for guitar) by Hans Zimmer”

  1. Nora

    26. Jul, 2012

    Hey Evan ! I’ve been listening a lot to M.Ward the last few months, and one of my absolute favorite acoustic guitar songs of all time: Psalm
    Is it possible for you to make a cover of this song? I’ve been trying to figure out how to play it, but I just can’t.. I know this is not a new song, but, anyway?

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  2. Nora

    26. Jul, 2012

    Great! Thank you :-)

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  3. Paul

    04. Aug, 2012

    Hey Evan,
    Great job on the Dark knight score tab– it sounds just like the legit song. I was wondering if you could look into tabbing the Downton Abbey Theme.
    Thanks again,
    Btw you are an awesome guitarist!

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  4. Dylan

    06. Aug, 2012

    Hello Evan,
    Awesome work with this tab– it’s sounds really good. Just wondering if you could tab “Frankenstein’s Monster” from X-men First Class by Henry Jackman (it’s really guitar centered)… :)

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    • Mutant n Proud

      04. Nov, 2012

      This is an AWESOME idea. I’d really love to play this song.

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  5. Lauren

    09. Aug, 2012

    That Movie is awesome… Evan you should totally do that song– it’s really classical guitar centered :D

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  6. Christine

    14. Sep, 2012

    Could you do “Mind If I Cut In?” from Hans Zimmer too? I would really like to hear how it would sound on guitar.

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  7. […] While not as pithy, this is one of my favorite YouTube endorsements, in reference to my Dark Knight arrangement: […]

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  8. Brandon Rodriguez

    19. Jun, 2013

    Hello, Evan. This is freaking awesome. I love the Dark Knight, for he is one of my favorite super heroes. I was wondering, though, if you could try to transcribe “Like a Dog Chasing Cars”? It’s also by Hans Zimmer, but it’s from the “Dark Knight” soundtrack. That song is one of my favorite songs; I used to listen to that song before my wrestling matches as a way to get pumped up. Thank you so much for your help and passion to spread the gift of playing guitar. I am currently learning your transcription of Young and Beautiful. I am eternally thankful to you. I love that song SO much as well. You are the best!

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    • Evan Handyside

      20. Jun, 2013

      Hi Brandon, I checked out “Like a Dog Chasing Cars.” It’s hard to conceptualize on classical guitar, but I get why it pumped you up before wrestling matches!!! Thanks for commenting and connecting with me. Good luck with Young and Beautiful, and let me know if you have any questions.

      Stay in touch brother,

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  9. Brandon Rodriguez

    08. Jul, 2013

    Hey, Evan. Thanks for responding to my comment, and sorry for my lack of formality in not responding right away. Yeah, “Like a Dog Chasing Cars” would be hard to play on guitar. Thanks for checking it out, though! I almost got Young and Beautiful down. Again, thanks for your hard work, man.

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  10. Adrian

    12. Jul, 2013

    Hi Evan i just wanted to say that you are badass who can actually make this to a guitar song. I wonder if you make more from Hans Zimmer?, my favorite. I am learning the last of us theme right now which is one of the best theme songs in video games.

    Keep on playing!

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  11. […] On Thin Ice (The Dark Knight […]

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  12. Sharath

    25. Sep, 2013

    Hi Evan,
    just wanted to know if you could do the Star Trek theme?

    TOS, TNG and the new movie soundtracks?

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  13. Drake

    16. May, 2014

    Before I make a suggestion, I want to unleash the torrent of appreciation that has welled inside of me since I discovered this site. I think this is an amazing blog and you’re doing a wonderful job. Your selection of music is artistically mature and and considered on a deep level. I thought ‘snow angel’ from the Place Beyond the Pines soundtrack would be a fitting addition to your already fine repetoire of music.

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    • Evan Handyside

      17. May, 2014

      Hi Drake, thanks for the great comment! I’ve looked at Place Beyond the Pines but nothing jumped out at me. However, that movie has a near-religious following (one of my friends is obsessed with it) — and I should probably take another look at Snow Angel, among others.

      Again, I appreciate your adept and complimentary analysis of the blog. I do work hard on Intellimusica, and it’s great to hear.


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      • Drake

        23. May, 2014

        I’m glad, I’m currently trying to get a subscription to your blog. But as I’m currently saving nearly every penny for college, I have to convince my account analysts (that is to say my caring parents) that your blog is worth the money. which shouldn’t be hard. Keep up the good work sir! The internet and the music community needs more unique and individual artists like yourself.

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