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The C Position

The C Position is the first part of my series. The second is The G Position. The C Position is the easiest to use and most of (composer) Hans Zimmer's music lends itself to the C Position on guitar.

Note: the video above is just a promotional overview. Below, you'll find 3 videos, 4 pages of guitar TABs (with time stamps), and 900 words covering everything in this order of detail:

The C Position

  1. The C Position Basic Chords
  2. The C Major Scale
  3. The Modal Scale
  4. C Position Chord Variations

Adding Color

  1. Trills
  2. Lead-ins
  3. Intervals

Putting it all together

  1. Melody
  2. Melody + Bass
  3. Melody + Chords
  4. Putting it all together (riffing off the melody)

The C position in action

A few real-world examples + TABs of how The C Position is used on this blog.


You'll love this. The videos and TABs are available below:

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