Category: Pop Music

Radiohead: High And Dry | fingerstyle guitar

As you can probably tell, I am on a Radiohead bender — and I’m almost ashamed that I haven’t explored solo-guitar interpretations/arrangements of their music until now. Not to belabor the blog thing, but if you want to be successful, their are certain things you have […]

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The Bourne Identity: Extreme Ways (Moby) fingerstyle guitar

Extreme Ways is the default theme song for the Bourne franchise — specifically the conclusion of each movie. Just when you think Jason Bourne or (in Legacy’s case) Arron Cross has disappeared — the sampled violins strike and Bourne is on the move. To memorize […]

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Drive (2011): Nightcall | fingerstyle guitar

Like many of you, I find myself still listening to the big three from the movie Drive. I particularly enjoy listening to Nightcall — oddly enough, while I’m driving — at night. Having listened to Nightcall dozens of times, I couldn’t help but wonder what it […]

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