Safe Now

A homage, not a rip-off

If Safe Now, the main theme from Captain Phillips, sounds familiar, it’s because it closely resembles Hans Zimmer’s Time from the movie Inception.

As somebody who impersonates other people’s music, I’m not suggesting this is a rip-off at all. I do however believe Safe Now is a “tip of the hat” to Time — easily one of the better pieces of music from the last ten years, period.

Case in point: I’ve played so many songs from my favorite guitarist/composer, Gustavo Santaolalla, that even my arrangement of Time and Safe Now can’t help but reflect elements from Santaolalla’s guitar work.

Often times the artist themselves will rehash their best work.  Hans Zimmer is the composer for 12 Years a Slave — and there’s some music in the trailer that sounds an awful lot like Time, but not really.  Months after Clocks took over the world as the best song ever, Coldplay released their new single The Speed Of Sound with exact same chord progression.

Safe Now is an excellent homage of Time, and it probably works very well as the outro of Captain Phillips.

(Safe Now is my premium material.)

How to Play Safe Now, the theme of Captain Phillips

The tab for Safe Now is very simple.  My arrangement for guitar is only comprised of 3 parts: Intro, Section 1, and Section 2.  Section 2 is the same a 1, just with a melody that moves through chord progression.

I’m plucking through each of the chords with my thumb, 1st, 2nd, and 3rd fingers.  It’s important to note that you can simply strum each of the chord shapes with your thumb, rather than finger-picking through them.

Safe Now is relatively easy to play, and perfect for beginner and intermediate guitar players.  

Enjoy, the tab is available below:

Safe Now is tuned one whole step down. The tuning is as follows from Low to High: D G C F A D.

Safe Now – Henry Jackman (Tab)


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