Captain Fantastic: ‘Waving Goodbye’ for guitar (music by Alex Somers) + TAB

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alex somers

Artwork: Jonsi & Alex

I love Alex Somer’s ambient score for Captain Fantastic, and I’ve desired to see this movie for a while. As the parent of a one year old — the one thing that goes by the wayside — is your ability to go to the movies. Or cinema as my European friends would say (I think?).

This will be a short post for another reason too, I’ve been working on an actual film score. I can’t give away the details yet, because it hasn’t been approved. However, no matter what happens, my musicianship has been validated and catapulted forward. Through this process I know think differently about the way I play, and how I can increase my output of original material.

I’m excited to share my new philosophy– and artists, musicians, and creators will benefit from this new outlook.

Lastly, Waving Goodbye, was an opportunity to use my new The Edge model Fender Stratocaster. This guitar became an obsession, and I had to have it.

Rather than a blues machine, like a traditional stratocaster, The Edge Strat is designed with the creator in mind. It has retro (almost bland) look to it, but is loaded with modern amenities: two point synchronized tremolo, locking short post tuners, Dimarzio FS1 bridge pickup, etc.

The guitar plays like silk and has absolutely brilliant clean tones. It’s impossible for me to put down.

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How to play Waving Goodbye for guitar

Waving Goodbye is played in standard tuning — and the guitar tab is played straight through, without repeats.

To play the intervals (two-note chords) on the 1st and 2nd strings — I use my finger to swipe or upwardly strum the two strings. This is more efficient and better sounding than using two fingers to pluck the notes. The first note in the <> symbol is a harmonic.

Please check out my other arrangement from Captain Fantastic, Memories, also by Alex Somers. The guitar tab for Waving Goodbye  is available below. Enjoy!

Waving Goodbye for guitar

If you find this guitar tab useful, please subscribe to my YouTube channel. I appreciate it!

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    P.S. Loved tab for Their Pie

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