Safe and Sound for classical guitar

A short rant

The most difficult thing about this blog, is figuring out what to write in each post.  The guitar stuff and tabs are the easy part. At this point, my guitar work flows so naturally, that I expect to come up with a pretty cool arrangement every single time.

However, I write entire posts about whatever happens to be on my mind — and then I delete them. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve stared I my computer screen, convinced I sound like a total [insert expletive].

I have a healthy self-image, but writing about my personal perspective is highly unnatural, and it’s something I have to work at everyday.

I don’t do video tutorials — and other then my mild stammer — the reason I don’t speak on camera is because of how totally impersonal the whole thing has become. YouTube is filled with self-marketers that fill every one of their monologues with: Hi guys, I just wanted to tell you guys, that you guys are the best.

I could be just me — but the use of you guys (when referring to one’s audience) is so over-played — that I cringe every time I hear it.

However, I think there’s a reason for why overt self promotion is so unnatural for me.

The 3 creators

It occurs to me that there are three subdivisions of creators (or people in general really): artists, performers, and performance-artists. This could pertain to art, as well as the workplace, and relationships.

Personally, I hate performing unless it’s in the context of a rock band (i.e. I’m part of a team, and not alone). This would put me squarely in the artist category: I prefer to create something, put it out there, and then go right back to creating something else. An artist’s success will be slow, methodical, and totally dependent on the volume and quality of their work.

Performers are people who can capture an audience, but otherwise have little substance. While still talented, they are typically performing, or pitching an artist’s more substantive material. A performer will find a lot of success, often very quickly. However, there might be an expiration date attached to their abilities.

performance-artist can bring their art to life with the power of their personality.  Examples might be: Radiohead, Lady Gaga, Steve Jobs, etc. A performance-artist is the most ideal situation. A perfect blend of talent, substance, marketability, and longevity.

Which one are you?

I think it’s important to accept who you are, understand it, and be happy. However, If you’re an artist — and you expect the type of success most associated with performers — you may need overcome your inclination to be introverted. This is what I’m currently struggling with, as I’ve taken on a few gigs to get out of my office and in front of actual living human beings.

I’m not saying you have to change your personality, but like the rest of us, you might have to become very good at faking supreme confidence.


(Note: Safe and Sound is my premium material)

How to Play Safe and Sound by Capital Cities for classical guitar

The tab for Safe and Sound is very clear and easy to read. I have also separated the tab by chord shape, and included the general name of the chord position above each section in the tab.

Above Verse #2 I’m referring to the chord as a Dm7th, which it’s not, but for the life of me, I can’t figure out the name of that simple chord. It will come to me after the fact, I’m sure.

In the very beginning of Safe and Sound, I play the verse and only the ladder half of the chorus as indicated by the √ mark in the tab.

If you like this, check my arrangement of Sweater Weather by The Neighbourhood. Though I prefer transcribing movie themes, these pop songs are really fun, when put through the filter of my nylon-string guitar.

Enjoy the tab is available below:

Safe and Sound is played in standard tuning. 

Capital Cites — Safe and Sound


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