Broken Noons

I’m so happy to share with you the trailer for my first film score, Broken Noons. Broken Noons is a short film written and directed by Guillermo L. Vázquez, and stars actress Josi Lage. The score was written and recorded by (yours truly) Evan Handyside.

Film synopsis:
Anna receives a strange call that will make her confront a part of her past.

You can watch the trailer for Broken Noons here.

Getting to write and record music for film has been a goal of mine for the past 15 years. I especially wanted to be a part of something artistic and unconventional. I appreciate this opportunity immensely.

Guillermo shot the film in Spain with Spanish actress Josi Lage. In the trailer, you’ll hear my guitar line fade into a song by French singer-songwriter Octavie Ploye. It’s my great privilege to be a part of this international team — all bringing this short-film to life.

We begin at international film festivals this fall. To follow the progress of our short film, please like the Broken Noons Facebook page.

How this came to pass

I’m not super comfortable telling this part of story because I’m associating myself with a project — that I’m technically not associated with. But, here it goes…

In late summer of 2016 I was asked to write some music for a movie entitled Dog Years by a couple of talented musicians involved with the soundtrack side of the project. I wrote 16 songs in a matter of days, and hastily recorded them as best I could.

Although I missed the mark (musically speaking), my recordings were barely serviceable as demos. I lost the job, and vowed to learn and apply serious audio recording to my YouTube videos and recordings. I would be prepared the next time this opportunity rolled around. That movie went on to be retitled The Last Movie Star (starring Burt Reynolds) and distributed by A24.

Guillermo L. Vázquez

This spring (2018) Guillermo contacted me through Vimeo, imploring me to write the score for his short film, Broken Noons. I quickly checked out his Vimeo page and realized that he was a serious, avant garde director. I immediately said YES — without even knowing what the film was about.

As Guillermo and I communicated through Google Translate, I discovered that we are like-minded brothers. We’re both super-fans of composer Gustavo Santaolalla and director, Alejandro González Iñárritu. I intuitively understood every musical queue and vision that Guillermo articulated. Everything I sent him seemed to work.

Above all, Guillermo had a profound belief in my ability to score his film — even before I recorded one note.

The process

I read an interview with Gustavo Santaolalla where he prefers to write from the script and the director’s queues. I have personally found this to be the case. If I see the film, I’m creatively dead. Too many musical options manifest themselves and nothing seems to work.

I mentioned this to Guillermo — that it’s better for me to work from the synopsis — and I wrote the title theme for Broken Noons from the description above: Anna receives a strange call that will make her confront a part of her past. 

The Broken Noons Trailer Theme

I had already seen the film when Guillermo asked me to write a trailer theme. However, he mentioned that it had to be about a minute long. I realized that the trailer is almost like a separate little movie with a different objective. Because I hadn’t actually seen the trailer, I was able to get into headspace where I could be creative. I sent him three viable pieces, and he picked the one I’m playing in the video above. The other music will be used for outtake footage.

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Gear used

For the Broken Noons Trailer Theme I used my Cordoba GK Studio guitar. You can find a current list of my gear here.

How to play the Broken Noons Trailer Theme

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The Broken Noons Trailer Theme is best for intermediate guitar players and up. Although the chord shapes are easy to play, this piece feels more advanced due to the rapid fingerstyle and trills.

The guitar tab is beautifully written across two pages. You play the sections within the |: repeat brackets :| twice as indicated in the guitar tab.

I hope you enjoy playing this as much as I did creating it. The guitar tab is available below:

The Broken Noons Trailer Theme is played with your 1st (high E) string tuned down one whole step. Your tuning is as follows: E A D G B D. Then you’ll apply a capo to the 2nd fret.

Broken Noons Trailer Theme (Evan Handyside)


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