British blues groove in A (lead & rhythm)

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Like every guitar player on earth, I love Blues guitar playing. I routinely develop little riffs for my guitar students to play, and I figured I share a few of those on this blog. [Don’t worry, I’ll be back to me usual material next posting.]

I dig this riff because it’s under a minute — and it doesn’t require a PhD in guitar to play it. The “British” element comes from the straight beat (think Cream’s version of Crossroads) and the tight ‘in the pocket” lead playing.

Throughout this riff we incorporate a 1,4,5 blues progression — with lead and rhythm happening simultaneously.

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Gear Used

Behold, this is my 2014 Fender Custom Shop 63 Telecaster Relic. I’m playing through a Vox AC10 amp with a Walrus Warhorn medium gain overdrive pedal. In all honesty, 90% of this tone is the pedal. You can find a current list of my gear here.

How to play British blues groove in A (lead & rhythm)

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This blues riff is for intermediate guitar players and up. The guitar tab is two pages long and beautifully written. You’ll play the guitar tab straight through, taking care to repeat the indicated section at the top of page two. Within the guitar tab, the P.S. stands for power slide.

Enjoy, the guitar tab is available below:

British blues groove in A (lead & rhythm) is played in standard tuning.

*British blues groove in A (lead & rhythm)

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