Extreme Ways is the default theme song for the Bourne franchise — specifically the conclusion of each movie. Just when you think Jason Bourne or (in Legacy’s case) Arron Cross has disappeared — the sampled violins strike and Bourne is on the move.

To memorize Extreme Ways in such a short amount of time, I relied heavily on my technique of frequency over duration. The law of specificity applies: throughout the day, every time I passed my office, I would pick up the guitar and play Extreme Ways a few times and nothing else.

I hope you enjoy playing Extreme Ways.  The left hand positions are pretty easy, and I use my (right-hand) middle finger to “swipe” the 2-note chord shapes, rather than pluck them.  This technique is easier to play, and I believe it offers a better sound as well.

The tab is available below:

Extreme Ways was difficult to conceptualize for the classical guitar. After playing with several positions, I settled on a Drop D tuning with a capo, so I could mimic the intro violins.  The tuning is as follows from low to high: D A D G B E — then apply your capo to the 7th fret.

Extreme Ways (Tab)


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