Blues Lead in A

(Listening is a highly underrated form of practice. Free download on SoundCloud.)

Just playing around with some licks in A. As always I use a 1,4,5 (blues rhythm) backbone so it sounds complete. I blatantly stole the first half of this from Jason Isbell’s Instagram page. The hammer to slide move at 0:12 is so cool. (Isbell’s lick, not mine.) 0:16 onward is yours truly.

Additionally, I’m using my fingers rather than a pick for a more touch responsive tone. 

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Gear Used

My guitar is a 2014 63′ Custom Shop Telecaster, and my amp is a Vox AC10. I use a Walrus War Horn for my low/medium gain and compression. You find a current list of my gear here.

How to play Blues Lead in A by Evan Handyside

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The guitar tab for Blues Lead in A is only a single page long. This is for intermediate to more advanced guitar players looking to get slightly outside of traditional blues licks — and into something a bit more melodic.

Enjoy, the guitar tab is available below:

Blues Lead in A is played in standard tuning.

Blues Lead in A by Evan Handyside

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