Photo by Natalie Rhea Riggs | Unsplash

Years ago, I had a friend create some simple, perfectly spaced blank guitar tablature (tab) for this site. It works so well for me, that I’d like to make it a free downloadable and printable PDF for you:

Intellimusica Blank Guitar Tablature (Tab)

By all means, use this for your own guitar arrangements and transcriptions.

If you’re a guitar teacher, this tab will work great for your students. I recommend getting copies printed in bulk at a small business print shop. Office Depot, Staples, and other big box stores charge way too much. Additionally, you’ll get the best results by emailing the print shop the tab link above, or the URL for this page.

I use the most remarkable erasable pen to write my guitar tabs. It writes beautifully and erases cleaner than a pencil eraser. 

Ok, go write some music now!