The Verve: Bitter Sweet Symphony | fingerstyle guitar

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The_Verve-Urban_Hymns-Frontal I remember the very day Urban Hymns was released. I took the day off of work (it was that important to me), bought the CD at Sam Goody, and drove around blaring it from my car stereo.

I had been playing in my new band for almost a year, and the four of us were obsessed with The Verve. That was an extremely optimistic time for me, as my band was achieving local and regional success very easily — and the up-beat Bitter Sweet Symphony seemed to capture the momentum of that time period.

The aptly titled Bitter Sweet Symphony, was The Verve’s only hit song, and in a bizarre twist of fate, they lost all of their publishing rights to Mick Jagger and Kieth Richards.

How to Play Bitter Sweet Symphony for classical guitar:

For such a simple and straightforward tab, Bitter Sweet Symphony was difficult to refine and record.  I actually had a far more complex version then this, but decided to opt for an easier transcription that is falls within, what I feel is the scope of this blog: reasonable stuff to play for the practicing guitarist.

Bitter Sweet Symphony is in

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12 Responses to “The Verve: Bitter Sweet Symphony | fingerstyle guitar”

  1. danny

    19. May, 2013

    i really appreciate your blog and find your story inspiring. man, iam go glad to find some santaolalla tabs! a request: if you could post the more complex version of this song, sometime in the future, i would love to try it out. thanks for all your posts…keep em coming!

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  2. Dom

    03. Mar, 2014

    Have a listen to an amazing song called Strong by London grammar : )

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  3. Lars gotteberg

    02. Oct, 2014

    You are an great inspiration, and i love your site. I was about to quit guitar because i felt bored strumming and not being able to sing. And you have showed me that i am able to express myself. by classic guitar. thank you very much. i and have bought 3 months of membership. to support you and your work. :) (english is not my first language)

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    • Evan Handyside

      04. Oct, 2014

      Hi Lars! Thank you for your kind words and support. I hope you find the premium material was worth it. Let me know if I can be of help to you.


      P.S. Your English is fine:)

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      • Lars gotteberg

        04. Oct, 2014

        I would like some advice on how to get better at playing by ear. and maybe you could do some Andrew bird songs next, like Andrew Bird – Anonanimal… or anyone other one you like. just give him a chance i would be glad :)

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  4. Phillers

    06. Jun, 2015

    This is awesome :D!

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  5. Brandon

    12. Jun, 2015

    I’ve found like three new tabs that I’m already in love with tonight. After over a year being subscribed to you I’m still being surprised with content I somehow missed. Do you happen to still have that more complex tab you mentioned? I’d LOVE to get a hold of it. I’m looking for more complex material to really push myself lately.

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  6. Harlekin

    14. Oct, 2015

    great cover – best i have heard on guitar! thank you for this video !

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