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I love Better Call Saul. Dare I say it, I think it’s even better than Breaking Bad.

Bob Odenkirk is the very definition of a ‘je ne sais quoi’. I could watch this guy play any character. [He was equally good in 2014’s oscar nominated, Nebraska.]

What occurs to me, is how bland the Vince Gilligan version of Albuquerque is. All of his characters stick out from the landscape like weeds. It’s a perfect backdrop for the campy appeal of the Better Call Saul world.

How to play the opening guitar riff of Better Call Saul

I figured an accurate guitar tab might be in order for the equally campy surf-rock guitar riff in the opening credits of Better Call Saul. Or is it Rockabilly? 

With any luck, we’ll be listening to this theme every Monday night for years to come.

The riff opens with a semi-barred A chord shape, that quickly shifts to another A shape. The latter A shape will be played like an open D chord as you can see in 0:03 of the video.

From there we move to a semi-barred C chord shape. To get to the guitar lick — just slide your first finger up from the C shape. Additionally, the arrows indicate for you to bend the string.

If interested, my guitar is a Taylor GS mini. I favor small guitars with big tone. Even though I’m 6′ feet tall, with long arms — I can’t stand big acoustic guitars.

Big bodied guitars tend to hit a nerve under my right arm, and it makes my arm go numb pretty quickly. That might be another reason why I favor nylon string guitars for the arrangements I do on Intellimusica, as they tend to be smaller in size. Click here, for a list of all of my gear.  

Better Call Saul is played in standard tuning. Enjoy, the tab is available below.

Better Call Saul opening guitar riff

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