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images (3) “If you’re remarkable, then it’s likely that some people won’t like you. That’s part of the definition of remarkable. Nobody gets unanimous praise — ever.”  -Seth Godin

This post will only appeal a very small minority of people — and that’s probably a good thing. 

I often talk about the higher quality of viewers I receive from posts that reflect my interests — verses generalist posts designed to appeal to a larger audience. It’s true. Not to be snobby, but You Make Me Feel is going to generate an older and more musically savvy audience.

If you’re an artist, or creator  — this is the target.  Generating material that reflects your direct personal interests is how you develop true fans; people who are impassioned and become advocates of your work.

However, can you take specificity and quirkiness too far?  Absolutely. Behold, my least viewed post ever: Requiem For A Static King Pt 1 by A Winged Victory for the Sullen.  I should of know from the title that this would be a hard sell.

This is a beautiful song and one of my favorites.  However, the response has been crickets — almost to the point of where I wasted a week of my life generating the post and tab!  If a tree falls in the woods, and no one is there to hear it, does it make a sound?

So the lesson is: as an artist, you can follow your vision too far.  Its important to be true to yourself, but your material has to be accessible.  Otherwise, no one will be there to hear you.

(Note: You Make Me Feel is my premium content.)

How to play You Make Me Feel for classical guitar

Like many people, I was first introduced to this song from Guillaume Nery’s Underwater Base Jump at Dean’s Blue Hole.  By themselves, the video and song are good (and remarkable) — but together, they are bad ass.

Overall, this is very doable song for beginner and intermediate guitarists.  I’ve sectioned of each of the chord positions so the tab is easier to understand.  This will also make it easier to practice/play block by block.

I strum the chords of You Make Me Feel with (what can only described as) an open handed flick.  I’m not a very technical guitar player.  Whatever gets the job done, gets the job done.

You Make Me Feel is played in

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3 Responses to “Archive: How to Play — You Make Me Feel for Classical Guitar”

  1. Daniel

    11. May, 2013

    First of all I can’t believe that ” Requiem For A Static King Pt 1″ is your least viewed video. I absolutely love the flow in it, the way it unfolds and the way you try or actually do break the actual space the notes have in the original song and fill it with a, in my opinion, subtle fingerpicking technique. In the end of the song you don’t feel like you’ve actually played any specific note but the atmosphere is very present and strong. So much for a post that was months ago!

    Besides that I really like this one. It’s a nice little song to play with its’ melodic parts but then again the harsh strumming and the pumping of the lower strings is really bad ass. It’s interesting how with certain posts the actual post as in the text gets way more important than the tab and the video. Obviously this is a blog about guitar playing and your passion for simply sharing things you know, which is an absolutely fantastic attitude. Most people and artists (including me sometimes) prefer to keep certain things to themselves and be a bit anonymous. May be because they’re too introverted and don’t know how to communicate, may be because they’re too selfish.
    Sharing things we know and are passionate about is essential to moving forward with everything we have. Art in all its’ genres, politics, science – we all benefit from sharing things. Realizing that just as I’m writing it my appreciation for your blog is getting even bigger.

    I hope the fact that posts like ” Requiem For A Static King Pt 1″ don’t draw the attention you might like them to, doesn’t stop you from doing them because as you said, in the end you have to stay true to yourself. Once you start ignoring your basic needs as an artist it will most definitely result in bad quality work and in the end you losing the fun in it. That’s what I’ve learned about myself making art – if I start ignoring the person I am shown through my work, it will seem dead, since my own personality and the very soul of the art work will be gone.

    OR maybe it’s just too late here and I don’t know what I’m writing! :)
    Anyway I’m really enjoying just reading your texts lately, I hope people do read them. Good work!

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    • Evan Handyside

      11. May, 2013

      Thanks Daniel!

      I still continue with posts like Requiem, but only because I won’t know if they’re a loser until I actual do the post! Just kidding, its one of my favorites too.

      My intention was never to have a marketing philosophy blog, but it’s experience and info that I think might help others (especially people younger than me) navigate the world, and pursue there dreams. This blog has literally changed my life, so I’m going to pay it forward as much as possible.

      Thanks for commenting again, you lend a ton of content and perspective to this blog!

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  2. Daniel

    12. May, 2013

    Thanks Evan, I appreciate you saying that (I don’t know if I’d say it’s a ton though :) )
    I’m also glad to hear about the rest really. Looking forward to how it’s going to develop.
    Also I just noticed your category “British Invasion” on the right … nice touch! haha

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