The Amazing Spider-Man 2: I’m Spider-Man (Hans Zimmer) fingerstyle guitar

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Hans Zimmer

“Coincidence is God’s way of remaining anonymous.”
― Albert Einstein

No coincidences, just a road map

I’ve written, ad nauseam, that the natural state of human beings (in my opinion) is creation: We build things. We create businesses that must be tended like gardens. We create art, purely for art’s sake.

Even if your profession is not a substantive form of creation, you can seek perfection with an alternate passion or hobby. Unfortunately, there are still many people who either: don’t seek an imaginative lifestyle, or worse, engage in destructive habits.

Once you decide to become a creator — you then, must learn to read the signs and signals put in front of you.

For instance, I often identify what I’m supposed to be doing by following the occasional odd coincidence like a road map.

I’ve had a 1/2 finished audio-book by Reddit founder, Alexis Ohanian, in my iPhone for a few months. I had just been thinking about finishing the book when, out of the blue, Ohanian happens to pop up as the featured guest on one of my favorite pod-casts.

To most people, a coincidence like this is so insignificant, it wouldn’t even register in their mind. To me, it’s a sign that I’m going to encounter something in his book that will take Intellimusica to the next level. These coincidences happen all the time, and always turn out to be blessing in disguise.

Be on the lookout for coincidences no matter how small they are. It’s an adventurous way to live your life — and you just might get the inspiration you need.


(Note: I’m Spider-Man is my premium content. Check out Hans Zimmer’s Rush theme. It’s a relatively easy guitar piece and also a free tab.

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How to play Hans Zimmer’s I’m Spider-Man for classical guitar

At the time of this writing, I’m Spider-Man has not even been released. I first got an inkling of this song here. Then I found an extensive preview of I’m Spider-Man here. I was able to verify the name because Amazon had uploaded previews of the score, but they were taken down in 24 hours.

I look forward to every Hans Zimmer score almost as much as Gustavo Santaollala’s work. At this point, I feel like I can derive a cool guitar piece from anything he does, and my arrangements of Zimmer’s material are pretty popular on Intellimusica.

While Man of Steel sets the bar for this blog’s superhero themes, I strive for that level of play with every interpretation I do. To a large degree, I’m at the mercy of the music. Man of Steel is amazingly dynamic and rich with riffs. [Say that 3 times really fast!] I’m Spider-Man is just as cool, but a far more simpler melody, and way easier to play.

I use the guitar technique of The Last of Us for Hans Zimmer’s I’m Spider-Man. If you can play The Last of Us, you’ll be really good at playing I’m Spider-Man.

Like the song, the guitar tab for I’m Spider-Man is really straightforward and easy to read. The actual ending of the song is a gnarly dub-step breakdown that is difficult to imagine on a nylon string guitar. I tried to capture it as best I could. I indicate the harmonics by bracketing them in a <diamond> with in the tab.

I’m Spider-Man is

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