As expected, Adele’s Skyfall is a proper Bond theme and incredibly well done. Skyfall uses a mixture of the You Know My Name (Bm – G – E) progression, the 007 theme, and Adele’s sultry vocals to pull off a perfect blend of several past Bond themes. The closest I can come to a Skyfall comparison is:  if Shirley Bassey sung Thunderball rather than Tom Jones.

And if you haven’t seen Skyfall yet, go, its amazing. 

Skyfall is definitely not for beginners, but I hope that novice guitar players will give it a shot anyway.  I put this together pretty quickly — within a few hours of the song’s release.  For that reason, I just skipped the entire ‘bridge’ portion of Skyfall.  You gotta be quick these days, other wise you’ll get buried under hundreds of videos on YouTube!  

Enjoy, the tab is available below:

This solo guitar interpretation is played in standard tuning with a capo on the 1st fret.  It’s important to note that the second go-around of each chorus uses an E major chord rather than the previous E minor chord.

The tab is written relative to the capo, so the fret immediately following the capo is considered the 1st fret.

Skyfall (Tab)

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