Sometimes I like creating things for this blog — other than an arrangement of someone else’s work. I have this idea in mind that there’s  both foundational and demonstrative guitar playing:

Your foundational playing is the learning your favorite songs, or things that appeal to you. Obviously very helpful, and this type of guitar playing builds the underpinning of your skill.

However, it’s important to go on offense and create your own stuff every once in awhile. Something that’s purely you — that displays your skill sets. That might creating blues riff like the video above, or writing your own material. It doesn’t hurt to put that stuff on YouTube either, if only to archive your work.

Your demonstrative playing is derived from the totality of your foundation. 

I can be one dimensional on this blog, so I was happy to grab a pick and flesh out a blues idea that I’ve had in mind for a while. I like creating very practical things for others to play. My lesson riffs are usually a “complete” piece — in that the lead and rhythm are combined. You can essentially accompany yourself. Also this will give you a profound understanding of the key you’re playing in.

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(Note: Acoustic blues groove in the key of A (advanced) is my premium material. My guitar is a Taylor GS Mini Mahogoney. You can find all of my gear recommendations, here.)

How to play ‘Acoustic blues groove in E (advanced)’

The guitar tab for this riff is just over a single page long. The entire thing is essentially one long passage, played twice. Two things to note:

I’m using my thumb to play the low note of the major chords through the riff. This is what every famous blues player does — from Jimi Hendrix to John Mayer. The technique opens up the left hand to do more R & B stuff within the chord shape.

Secondly, I’ve jotted down the strumming pattern below the guitar tab. D means down, and U means up. This is just a frame work to get you going. Truly strumming should be a nearly unconscious movement, like driving a stick shift.

Good luck, the guitar tab is available below:

Acoustic blues groove in E (advanced) is played in standard tuning.

Acoustic blues groove in E (advanced)

Please comment to let me know what you think or of you have any questions.

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