A Most Wanted Man
Herbert Gronemeyer (left)

"I go into the studio and I start making whatever it is that I feel like I'm missing." - Mike Shinoda of Linkin Park.

For success, solve your own problem

Essentially Intellimusica is my way of creating the music that I'm personally missing: highly effective, minimalist guitar pieces.

It's also more than that. I like tone, reverb -- and just the right amount of majors, minors, and dissonance. Also, I try to not overlook the obvious and simple ways of playing things. It's about the music, and my vision. Not my ego.

As you can tell, every song I write or arrange for this blog is highly personal to my particular taste in music. I'm playing exactly what I want to hear. So far, people enjoy what I have to offer.

Whether you're a creator or working for a business -- solving your own problem can be your ticket to success. Where do you feel like you're under-served? What annoys you that has an obvious solution? You don't have to reinvent the wheel, just improve it a little.

No matter how audacious -- if you see a problem or something that could be improved-- fix it. I do it with a blog. Maybe you could fix a problem at work (although you'll have to convince your boss of your solution's efficacy).

Chances are that your problem is also someone else's. Solving your problem will also solve their's. There is an audience for your solutions.

How to play Herbert Gronemeyer's Opening Theme for A Most Wanted Man

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My most favorite movie and score of all time is The American, directed by Anton Corbijn and scored by Herbert Gronemeyer.

You'd think my favorite film-music would be a Gustavo Santaolalla score, but it's The American, hands-downThe entire score is immensely listenable, and there's a beautiful guitar piece at the very end.

Corbijn, and Gronemeyer have teamed up again with, A Most Wanted Man. I've been eagerly awaiting this movie for a long time.

Anton Corbijn is a world-class photographer by trade. Needles to say, his movies have stunning photography. Every frame is something to behold.

The score by Gronemeyer, who also acts in A most Wanted Man, is not as epic as The American, but it still has some gems.

Opening Theme, is easily the most compelling piece of music from the score. This arrangement from A Most Wanted Man is in the vain of my other recent entries like:

Theme from Fargo

Theme from The Leftovers

Sister Rust by Damon Albarn.

All of them sound sophisticated, but are relatively easy to play.

The fingering gets a little tricky after the first two bars, but the overall short duration makes this a very doable song for beginner guitarists.

Enjoy, the tab is available below:

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