Snowden: Hawaii Guitar Theme + TAB

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Snowden: Hawaii Guitar Theme + TAB

I would seem Edward Snowden revelations, and those of Wikileaks, etc — are a service to the populus — and a disservice to the powerful elite. Although, those involved in national security would see it the other way entirely.

I respect both points of view, as we are never in full possession of all the information, or facts.

If anything, the leaked emails and chicanery that hits the press every single week, illuminates the soullessness of some politicians and their ecosystems. Along with it, the veil is lifted, little by little, for all to see that politics and power can truly corrupt.

My overall impression is that: we should be very wary of those who seek power, and extremely judicious with with whom we give it.

The continued mono recording experiment

My camera is an audio focused Zoom Q8. A few months ago I replaced the stereo mic capsule with Zoom’s Stereo Shotgun microphone. It’s a unique microphone that picks up a center mono image, but also contains stereo mics imbedded in the sides for a “room” sound as well.

It sounded great, but my only problem with Zoom products is that the mic is attached to the camera. Even with a mono center image — the mic is too far away from the guitar — for the sound I’m going for.

The Zoom Q8 does have the capacity to add any mic you’d like, but they recently released their ECM-3 extension cord which brings whatever Zoom mic you’re using close to the sound source. With the ECM-3, I’m able to closely mic my acoustic guitar and my electric guitar amp — with the actual Zoom microphone.

Although, as mentioned before, you can add whatever microphone you’d like to the Zoom Q8 — so I might add another microphone in the future after some research.

Thus far, I’m setting the SSH-6 mic at mono for my recordings. The mono-only image is very stable, when adding reverb and mastering. Also, Facebook can’t handle stereo miking at all. Most of my Facebook uploads sound as though there’s a phaser effect added to my guitar sound.

I use an Oben TT-50 tripod for both my Zoom Q8 and the SSH-6 microphone.

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How to play Hawaii Guitar Theme from the Snowden original score

The score for Oliver Stone’s, Snowden, is composed by Craig Armstrong and Adam Peters. There’s a few things that I liked from the soundtrack and score — most of all was this riff entitled, Hawaii Guitar Theme. In hindsight, I should have used more hall reverb to closely match the recording.

You can hear the amazing clean tone from my Edge model Fender Stratocaster. I can’t get enough of the modern tremolo bar. It’s remarkably stable and easy to use.

Hawaii Guitar Theme is very easy to play. It’s played in a drop-D tuning, from low to high: D A D G B E. Then you’ll apply a capo to the 3rd fret. Enjoy, the guitar tab is available below:

*Snowden: Hawaii Guitar Theme*

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