Mumford and Sons: How to Play — I Will Wait (for classical guitar)

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I Will Wait, the new single from Mumford and Sons, came together very nicely as a single-guitar arrangement. I’m working through some tendinitis in my right hand, so I’ll be aiming for some easier transcriptions in the next few weeks. I actually got the tendinitis from practicing Iguazu, and now its affecting my writing, typing, guitar playing, etc.

I was prone to this about 10 years ago, when It was affecting my bass playing with New Invisible Joy. At the time, I taught a massage therapist who had moved to Pittsburgh with her family from Aspen. Her client list was pretty crazy but it included, the late Jerry Garcia, and James Taylor. She explained how the shoulder joint becomes compromised in guitar-players, and then showed me a series of stretches (for the shoulder) where she believed the tension was. Sure enough, that fixed the problem.

I Will Wait is played in standard tuning, with a capo on the 1st fret (if you intend to match the key of the actual song). The cool thing about this version for solo-guitar, is that I was able to play both the subdued first chorus and the lifted second chorus with the same C major hand position. I hope you like it, that tab is available below:

I Will Wait (Tab)

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Sinking Ships & Wooden Kings -- EP - Evan Handyside


8 Responses to “Mumford and Sons: How to Play — I Will Wait (for classical guitar)”

  1. Keelin

    08. Nov, 2012

    Oh My Gosh Evan YOU READ MY MIND.. I was just about to look up this song and get tabs.. Thank you so much :)

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  2. Daniel

    12. Nov, 2012

    It’s funny how I always come back to your blog when you have some new material on here and after a while I got used to the interface, where I find what on your blog, the way you structure your posts and in the end the way your videos work. After a while it’s like you’ve accepted all this as some niche for yourself, like a virtual room.
    Concerning all that, this video is something absolutely new in the history of Intellimusica. This is the first time you’ve ever looked up during one of your videos!!! :D
    I know it might probably sound a bit odd but I find it fascinating how something that simple can make your mind wander and work. I immediately wondered why you looked up, what you saw and how the rest of your room looks like … in the end it might probably be a bit pointless writing a comment like this though.

    Anyway, the tab and your interpretation are great and I hope your hand will be at full capacity soon again.

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    • Evan Handyside

      12. Nov, 2012

      Hi Daniel,

      I know, it is like a virtual room. It funny you mentioned that, because I’m very conscience of the interface. My music output is ridiculously high. The writing, recording, and posting is what takes time (for me). I’ve gotten the difficult stuff down to a formula where I can execute it relatively fast. That room is basically my office. It was a small bedroom that I stuck my desk, computer, and guitars in.

      I looked probably to take the strain off my eyes. I read the tab at the same time as I play to avoid mistakes. There’s a window right there too.

      Thanks for commenting!

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  3. C.

    13. Nov, 2012

    Been wanting to learn how to play this song for a long time thanks! Next could you maybe do Can’t Take My Eyes Off You or The Carpenters Superstar?

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  4. Josh

    11. Jan, 2013

    Beautiful and very instructive. Thanks very much.

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  5. Travis

    25. Jan, 2013

    I love you man. Holy crap this is beautiful. I have been in love with this song for awhile… yea, an amazing woman left me to go after her own life and I played a butchered version of this for her the last night I saw her… I wish I could go back in time and play this version for her on my classical. Im going to learn it now. Thanks.

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