Intellimusica is a ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ songbook. Some songs are easy to play, other songs are more difficult. The idea is for you to click around, explore, and find stuff that suits your interest and ability level.  

Guitar Tabs

All of my guitar tabs are hand-written.  This is an art, in and of itself, and I’m getting better at writing them all the time. The guitar tabs are PDF files, found at the bottom of each blog post in the How to playsection of the post.

Free Tabs

My free content, is material that is relatively easy to produce, and older material from the first two years of my blog’s existence. You can access them in the Free Tabs archive, or in the Guitar Tabs and Topics section to your right. 

Premium Tabs

Quite simply, this is the best material I have to offer. Premium Tabs are ultra-unique, and time intensive for me to produce. You can access them in the Premium Tabs archive, or in the Guitar Tabs and Topics section to your right. To learn more about Premium Tabs, click here.

Categories (Guitar Tabs and Topics)

You can explore the categories in the Tab and Topics section to find something that interests you, or you can use the search function at the top right hand corner to find the guitar tab you’re looking for.  

Beginners and intermediate guitarists

Use the Easiest of Easy to Play and Easy to Play categories. These are actual, legitimate guitar songs, that are relatively easy to play, and suitable for beginner and intermediate guitarists.


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