What I do:

I write minimalist, singular guitar pieces, intended for use in film.

My guitar style is heavily influenced by the work of Gustavo Santaolalla and Jeff Buckley, as well as post classical composers like Johann Johannsson and Dustin O’Halloran. I use nylon-string, acoustic, and electric guitars. Often times I employ space and ambient reverb within my music.

I also create minimalist, singular guitar arrangements from preexisting orchestral pieces — as evidenced all throughout this blog.

I have released two EP’s independently and my performances have been featured internationally in television commercials for KPN and Solidar Suisse.

For use of my music in your film or project, please email me at: intellimusica (at) gmail {dot} com

Below are my two EP’s — however I will continue to release my original music on Soundcloud. I suggest my Soundcloud as a general composing reel of my work. Each song is available to download for personal use only.


An airy, contemplative mixture of nylon-string guitar, reverb, and distance.

Please leave a review or rating if you decide to pick up any of my music. EP’s available on all streaming services ( Spotify ) including:

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This EP is an outgrowth of nearly all of Evan’s influences (Gustavo Santaolalla, The Verve, Dustin O’Halloran, Jeff Buckley, etc.) distilled into a few single nylon-string guitar tracks. The distance, simplicity, and wide-open nature of Sinking Ships & Wooden Kings is obvious from Open Road, the EP’s first track. Throughout, Evan Handyside employs space, ambient reverb, and subtle guitar wizardry to imbue a sense of destination. The final song, Prayer for the Living, is about as bare-bones and honest, as one could possibly get, playing a single guitar.


The latest EP, Daylight, is a collection of songs that guitarist, Evan Handyside wrote over 2014. Just like his previous effort, Sinking Ships & Wooden Kings (2012) Evan is playing a single nylon-string guitar.

The Daylight – EP is an evolution of Evan’s minimalist style, and reverb swept sound.

At first listen, the Daylight EP has a darker mood than the previous album. The initial impression can only be described as poignant, or melancholy. However, you will realize a more subtle optimism expressed within the music.

For the story (album notes) of Daylight, click here.


*Additionally, Evan’s performances have been featured internationally in television commercials for KPN and Solidar Suisse.


Evan Handyside (age 39) is self-employed guitar teacher in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania with 19 years experience. He has also performed throughout the Northeast as the bass player for the (Pittsburgh-based) rock band, New Invisible Joy, and has released four albums on their indie-label Goldwish records. While a member of New Invisible Joy, Evan opened for numerous national artists like John Mayor and The Killers. He has also performed on television, radio, and at major-label showcases. New Invisible Joy’s second EP was recorded in New York city with major-label producer/engineer Ed Tuton.

Currently, Evan lives in the South Hills of Pittsburgh with his wife Jennifer. He continues to run a successful teaching business while pursuing his passion for modern-composition on the classical guitar.

All tracks composed, performed, and recorded by Evan Handyside.
Mastering by Larry Luther at Mr Smalls Recording and Mastering.